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Loop Antenna Support

Loop Antenna Support

I have an HF loop antenna I use in the field.  The suggested mount is a photographic tripod.  I really do not want to carry that along so I am testing different options.  This is the first one that holds a lot of promise.

I consistes of a 1/4 in three foot threaded rod.  A couple of wood disks and some hardware.  Here is a gallery little gallery of the construction:

I use the threaded inserts as the key to holding the wood at the right location and then the wing nuts to lock them in.  You can see the bottome of the antenna screwed into the top of the 3ft mast.

I use Niteize figure 9 hooks to adjust the guy ropes and four tent stakes to tie everything in place.

It sets up nicely but the 1/4 in rod is a bit to wobblely for me.  I am looking for something stiffer in the future.  I also want to cut the rod in half and use a threaded joiner so that the rod fits in the antenna bag.  

Field testing next.

73 KE9A